My mother has been a Yogi for a couple of years now and today she sent me a tip for a great documentary that I’m watching at the moment and WOW, I’m sitting here nodding my head with my chin dropped to the floor. The Universe just blows my mind, it’s just so amazing. So incredibly fucking AMAZING! So if “The God particle”, Eastern religions, Quantum Physics and the science behind different frequencies and vibrations floats your boat, then this 30 minute documentary is for you.


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North Korea is a favorite subject of mine, and thinking about it’s bizarre dictatorship sometimes amuses me. How Kim Jong Il for example tricked the whole nation how he that he hit a hole in one the very first time he played golf, that it was him who invented the hamburger and that he can control the weather. Or the time where he sent out a letter saying that he invented some form of miracle drug that makes people taller, but when they arrived to the hospital to get this medicine they were kidnapped and were never heard of again. Guess he wanted to be the tallest man in the country…



About a week ago the son of Il, Kim Jong un, had his uncle, Jang Song Thaek, executed because he was a disgrace to the party and had been gambling etc, and what really amazes me  ishow brainwashed and scared the koreans are. It reminds me of a very good book I read many years ago about the Japanese cult called – Aum Shinrikyoa book of 500 pages about how it was growing up and living in their society, hidden up in the mountains, the punishments and torture they had to go through on daily basis and how the people who managed to escape this living hell always returned after a while because of their leaders great ability of brainwashing.

If you know of North Korea you’re familiar with their punishment camp  Labour Camp 14where they send off just about anyone who disobey or doesn’t worship their leader enough. Now there is a new documentary out about a boy who was born in the camp and escaped. I’m going to watch it now.

Camp 14 - Total Control Zone - animation


If you want to see other documentaries about South Korea check out – National geographic inside North Korea, (Netflix), A state of mind train, (Netflix), Welcome to north korea

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You know what fascinates me? Every time that I write about religion, especially Islam, I will have muslims attacking me, telling me to shut my mouth and not to talk about stuff that I don’t know of. They will say that it is all political, that all these wars and traditions has nothing to do with Islam, that it’s the leaders of the countries who are doing this, They are not true Muslims, They misinterpret the Qur’ran for their own needs, and of course me favorite one  – When they point their fingers and say – The Shia muslims are not real muslims, and the other way around. There is even war between these oh, so peaceful muslims.. So who are the true muslims, I sometimes wonder..?

A while ago I wrote about what the actual word Islam means, and it means submission. Some people got mad at me and corrected me by telling me that it means religion of peace

Am I the only one thats fed up with hearing that Islam is a religion of peace?  If Islam is truly a religion of peace, you’d have thought all this peace would have rubbed off on its followers, no? Instead, Islam seems to actually inspire violence, as the majority of ongoing wars today are in Islamic-run countries. Why so violent? I was about 15 years old when I read the Qu’ran and the Hadith’s the first time, and first thing I thought to myself after have read the books was, wow Mohammad was such a tyrant! I had just read the Bible before and both books are extremely violent, but I remember thinking that Jesus seamed like a peaceful, somehow melancholic hippie, but Mohammed? Hmm.. not so hippie..

I’m not gonna go into details, but if you base your entire lifestyle on his way of thinking then I guess that is going to bring out your darker side too… Of course there is kindness and good stuff in both the Qu’ran and Bible but I also think we all know about the other traits Muhammad had that were considered somewhat, ehm,  taboo…. And lets face it, if Mohammed would have lived today he would probably not be considered very holy but more as Charles Manson or George Bush who also killed people because God had spoken to them and told them to do so. Does that say something about religion? Islamic history was violent – Islam in the world today is violent. There are religions out there you might be able to call peaceful, but Islam is certainly is not one of them. Nor are any of the monotheistic religions that runs the world today.

I think religion is man made, and I think that we created God in our image. Greedy, jealous, sexist, homofobic and violent, because the more I learn about religion, the more I see how this God is not all about love and peace. Do you know what the punishment for apostasy (the abandonment or renunciation of a religious or political belief) in the Christianity and Islam is? Death.

I just want to make it clear one more time that I’m NOT an atheist. The difference between me and religious people and atheists is that I do not KNOW whether there is a creator or not. I simply do not know. I do believe in energies and the possibility that there is a greater power than myself, but does it really require a religion in order to believe in what you would define as God?

All I know is that I find some of the things said in the Abrahamic religions very offensive. And that I am free to disagree to with whatever that is, since I do not belong to any of them.


These are some of my favorite documentaries about Christianity (I call it Christ-insanity) and other religions

Hellbound 2012 Kevin Miller


One nation under God 1993 Teodoro Maniaci


The God who wasn’t there 2005 Richard Dawkins


Lord, save us from your followers 2008 Dan Merchant


Religulous 2008 Bill Maher


Zeitgeist  2007 Peter Joseph


Root of all evil 2006 Richard Dawkins


Waiting for Armageddon 2009 Kate Davis


And remember folks…


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Ser på en gammal pris belönad dokumentär av Nahid Persson som handlar om prostitution i Iran. Mycket intressant.

Klicka här för att se hela filmen


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Started reading this book about a shaman that we were suppose to stay with in Peru in the amazon for 12 days now, but we had to cancel because the timing was bad, but we will go to his campos in November instead . It’s really, really good! You guys should read it!



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Watching the first season of “American horror story” and it’s effin amazing! Anyone else who likes this serie? I heard the second season is even better!



I especially like the intro!


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Har satt ihop en top 10 lista på skräckfilmer till er nattugglor som inte har något att göra såhär in på småtimmarna. Jag har själv slutat se på sådana här filmer och de flesta utav de jag valt ut är rätt hårdsmälta som man gärna inte ser mer än en gång, men jag vet att jag har ett gäng perverterade läsare härinne som brukar be om filmtips, så varsågoda,  Enjoy!

1. House of a thousand corpses & Devils Reject av Rob Zombie 2003

2. Martyrs av Pascual Laugier 2008

3. A serbian film av Srđan Spasojević 2010

4. Antichrist av världens bästa Lars von Trier 2009

5. The human centipede av Tom Six 2010

6. Dead girl av Marcel Sarmiento 2008

7. Frontiers av Xavier Gens 2007

8. Wolf Creek av Greg Mclean 2005

9. Ichy the killer av Takashi Mike 2001

10. Hostel av Eli Roth 2005

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Godmorgon på er mina små turtur duvor.. Ha en fin alla stjärtansdag allesammans med era nära och kära!

‘’Love is what we were born with.  Fear is what we learned here.’’ Marianne Williamson.

LOVE BEGINS WITH YOU: Your inner voice is where your story of love begins: It is hard to feel worthy of love if someone is criticizing you all the time and especially if that someone is talking in your head.

True love isn’t about being inseparable; it’s about two people being true to each other even when they are separated.

Love and kindness is a way of living.  Where there is love, there is no judgment.  Where there is judgment, there is no love.

Love is the great transformer ,  the greatest medicine to heal the whole world.

Love is something you and I must have.  We must have it because our spirit feeds upon it.

Love is the greatest healing power of all.

Love fuels passion, hope and desire. It generates creativity giving us purpose and making us feel alive.

 All your love matters and makes a difference.

 Love is accepting others as they are, allow them to be themselves and stop trying to change them.


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Läste på IMDb att de håller på att göra en remake på en av mina favorit filmer Old boy (Oldeuboi). vad tror ni om det? Den ska tydligen ha premiär i oktober 2013 och det är Spike Lee som är regissör. I rollerna ser vi Josh Brolin ( yay! ), Elisabeth Olsen, Samuel L. Jackson, Sharlto Copley vilket jag tycker låter rätt lovande!

Om n i inte sett Old boy eller någon utav de andra i The Vengeance Trilogy så tycker jag absolut ni ska göra det!

Snygg fighting scene ur Old boy


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Någonsin sett en påfågel flyga? Inte jag heller! Amazing, right?

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